Monday, January 7, 2008

Here I Am

Oh my gosh, two months? I'm so very sorry. I do have a good excuse, however: constant nausea and fatigue. Yes, Andrew and I are expecting again.

We are very excited, and as I move into my second trimester, I really, really hope (please God!) that I will start feeling better. It's not so much that I've been throwing up, because, thankfully, I haven't been. It's just that with a two-year-old (oh my gosh, she's three now!) -- a three-year-old in the house, my little remaining energy goes toward her, and not toward knitting, web-surfing, or blogging. When she's asleep, or when Andy gets home, I'm much more likely to assume a horizontal position somewhere than to knit.

I just haven't wanted to knit. At all. And I know that will change soon -- at least it did when I was expecting Rose. I didn't even want to touch yarn until I was around 5 months along. So I'm hopeful. In the meantime, this is how I've been and what I've been doing, and when knitting resumes, so will more regular blogging.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!