Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember me?

Hi all. I'm here. It's been an interesting few weeks here at our house. I've been quite busy with church stuff and family stuff and I just haven't been at the computer the way I used to. And I'm finding that I actually don't need to be at the computer the way I used to. But I have missed sharing through this blog, so now that I've got a bit of time to myself, I'm going to use it to post.

Anyone remember this?
No? I didn't think so. It's the Kiri Shawl. I started it in June of 2007 and it's been hibernating since probably October or November of 2007. I really like it. It's not a difficult lace pattern, and the yarn is Madil Kid Seta, which is pretty lovely. I just was getting to a point (pregnant, sick, exhausted) where I couldn't face how long the rows were getting, then I was worn out by a newborn and a preschooler, and now that I might like to work on it again, I just can't seem to find a chunk of time long enough to complete a row, let alone a pattern repeat.

Plus I was getting antsy to make a pair of legwarmers for myself like I made for my sister, and as I had the Kid Seta on hand (intended for the shawl), all I needed was some worsted wool to get started, and so... This one is already finished. I'll get started on the second one today. Yes, I know spring seems to be here. Yes, I realize I probably won't get to wear these until November. But if I don't do it now, I'm afraid it won't get done before I need it. Also, I live in Michigan. We could have a gorgeous warm day followed immediately by a blizzard the next. We don't trust the weather in Michigan, and we like it that way.
Now, you may be wondering, if that Kid Seta was intended for the shawl, and I've used it up in a pair of legwarmers, what am I going to do about Kiri? Well, I've decided I'm just going to finish the Kiri with the yarn I have remaining and make it a mini-Kiri! I can wear it as a jaunty neckwarmer, or maybe a lacy headscarf. The possibilities are endless! Now I just have to find the time to actually work on it.