Friday, November 21, 2008

Green things

I am currently working on four green projects. It wasn't on purpose; it just happened that way. The Charade socks are green.

This gift project is green (Ravelry link -- I'm pretty sure the recipient doesn't read this blog, but just in case, I'm not posting a pic -- I know she's not on Ravelry).

This little hat is greenish.
I know it doesn't look like a hat, but trust me. It's a clever little design.

This wristwarmer is green.
Also a gift, but not a surprise. They're for my sister, who specifically requested the pair and picked out the pattern. I'm also going to have to make her try on the first one. It might be too big.

The yarn I have set aside for my next sweater is also green. I hope that gets me over this green kick so I can move on to some other colors.

So, four green projects and the Tangled Yoke cardi. That's two more projects than I usually like to have on the needles at once. I guess I better get off the computer and get knitting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This 'n' that, part III

One of my favorite bloggers occasionally has posts entitled "7 Quick Takes," and basically lists things that are on her mind as an exercise to post even when she doesn't feel she has material for a longer post. She's a brilliant writer, and her longer essays can be very thought-provoking or very funny, and often they are both. But I love her Quick Takes, and thought I'd borrow the idea for today.

Then I realized that I'd done it before, and called it "This 'n' that." Well, no wonder I liked the idea so much. So, while not as entertaining or well-written as Jen's, here's today's "This 'n' that."

I bought a new cordless phone yesterday. The old one had had it's battery replaced several times and the current battery (bought quite recently) was just not holding its charge for more than, oh, two minutes. It was a great source of exercise since when it would ring, I'd try in vain to press the answer button as the display flashed LOW BATTERY, drop it and dash up the stairs to the corded phone and, usually, miss the call. This happened at least four times a day. So the new one has charged for the recommended 20 hours and is all hooked in... and I'm sitting here waiting like a loser for someone to call me so I can try out my new phone. Why don't I call someone, you ask? Because I want to hear it ring!
Jamie has eczema and I feel so bad for the little guy, partly because of the itching, and partly because it took three visits to the doctor to nail down what the rash is. Poor little dude.
I am having a crazy busy week, but I think I've gotten done all the little tasks that I can get done at home. Everything else has to be done at church or school. Tomorrow happens to be the zenith (or nadir, if you will) of the activity -- a funeral, rehearsal with the school choir, and a harp gig all within 5 hours -- and guess what else? The moon will also be full. I'll be so glad when it's Friday night and Rachel and I are chowing down on Indian food.
I've been on Facebook for about a month now and I still am a little perplexed by it. I enjoy keeping up with my old friends, but I just don't understand a lot of the other things that go on in that site. I like the games, though.
I've been sneezing my head off today. I hope it's just allergies, as in addition to the funeral and harp gig, there's school Mass Friday and a wedding, too. I told you, crazy week.
Rose starts gymnastics tonight. I hope it helps her to become less clumsy than her mother.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and more

Halloween pictures!
Rose as Annie from "Little Einsteins."
The actual Annie from "Little Einsteins." Pretty close, yes? I only wish we had been able to find pink high-tops for her. Also, it was so warm on Halloween that she could have worn a short-sleeved t-shirt like Annie.
Jamie was a little vampire.
Or, as Rose kept saying, "bamfire."

Then Lena came over to play the next day.

Yay for autumn!


The Tangled Yoke cardigan is coming along really well, considering I can really only work two rows a day. Jo, I do like the grey. It really is a nice color. And to answer your other question, I'm knitting the 38" size, but because of gauge differences, it's going to end up being 40"(that is, if I did my math right!), which will be perfect for me. The socks on the other hand, ugh. I'm not loving the yarn and pattern together. The only thing that's keeping me going is I really like the end result. I like it enough to consider keeping them for myself, if only the recipient's feet weren't an inch longer than mine.