Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am this close to finishing my Kiri shawl/shawlette. Yesterday I knit the last two pattern rows. I was getting very close to the end of the yarn, but I knew I had some more Kidsilk Haze in the closet, so I wasn't very worried. I checked out how much remaining yarn there was before I worked the last row, then checked it again after I finished it. Less than half, so I don't have enough for the bind-off. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. But, ha ha, knitting fates, I know I have two partial balls of that color left over from my fuzzy legwarmers, so there!


I came downstairs this morning and went to the closet where I keep my yarn. I have my "leftovers" in a very specific place. Dug through it all, emptied it. No Kidsilk Haze, except for the green KH I used for my sister's legwarmers. The shawl is grey. Went through the new yarn. Nada. The only place I haven't looked is in the basket of sock yarn, but I can't imagine I would have put it in there. Now where on earth could that yarn have gotten to? I could have been done with this shawl by now, it could be soaking in a nice tepid bath, getting ready to be blocked, but no!

All I have to do is freaking bind off, but I can't do it without the extra yarn. I may cry. Guess I better start talking to St. Anthony.

Update (3 hours later): Found it. It was with the acrylic yarns. Don't ask me why I put a silk/kid mohair blend in with the acrylics; I don't know. But I found it. *sigh of relief* Now to bind off!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nuala's commentary on my WIP

Yarn, what yarn? Oh, were you working on something? I'll help you. Ooh, soft... What do you mean, you can't knit if I'm pressing on the ball like this? Well, goodnight, then...