Thursday, September 14, 2006

Videos (non-knitting)

Dear Rachel,

As I write this, I can hear Rose on the monitor reciting "Brown Bear." It sounds exactly like this: "Bahm beh, bahm beh, hah hah haaah? Ah see reh bir hah hah haaah. Reh bir, reh bir, hah hah haaah? Ah see lellow guck hah hah haaah. Lellow guck, lellow guck..." You get the idea. I'll have to go up and give her some milk and a book in a few minutes, so here are the videos I promised.

This is what got me started, a little trip down memory lane: Twenty

Then a bit of bizarre music mixing: The Simpsons vs Star Trek

Are you still with me? Okay, this apparently has something to do with pasta sauce: Tarako

And finally, this is the one you have to see, even if you didn't watch the others: I'm a kitty cat



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