Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An Outing to the Vinyl Cafe

Dear Rachel,

Andy and I had a fun date night last night: we went to Windsor to hear Stuart McLean.

CBC Radio Two -- 89.9 FM from Windsor, ON -- has been the radio station of choice here in the Kilburn house since WQRS went heads-up in 1997. We are glad that WRCJ brought classical music back to the Detroit airwaves last fall, and still seems to be going strong, but we've developed a real affection for CBC, especially their program "The Vinyl Cafe" which we try to listen to every Saturday morning.

It was very exciting to discover that Stuart McLean et al were going to be visiting Windsor, right across the river, on their Christmas tour, and we knew we had to go.

What a treat it was! Great music from The Bebop Cowboys, Roxanne Potvin, Murray McLaughlin, and THREE Dave and Morley stories. Much fun and laughter.



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