Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I tried to sew the zipper in. I used a sewing machine. It's JUST AWFUL!!! :(

The top of the zipper is sticking up above the knit fabric at the collar. At the hem, one side of the cardigan is at least an inch lower than the other. None of the colorwork is lining up.

Now I have to take all these blasted machine stitches out with a seam ripper and it's taking FOREVER!! I may throw myself bonelessly to the floor like a two-year-old and scream.

I've moved Samus to the VERY BOTTOM of my queue now, because it has a ZIPPER!!


Okay. Okay. It really is not the end of the world. I finished the pair of mittens, and they look great. I've cast on for a mindless little scarf for Rose, and I'm still considering recreating the J.C. Penney sweater, though I may do the Tilted Duster instead. I'll eventually get the zipper out of the little cardigan, and it will go back in better.

Sorry about that tantrum. I feel better now.


Jo said...

Sorry you're having zipper problems, we covered fastenings on the knitting course I'm doing last Sunday and my knitting teacher who designs patterns for some of the magazines over here handsews them in, are you going to try machining it again? It will all be ok in the end I'm sure!

Jo said...
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Monica said...

Online tantrums are my specialty. One always feels better afterward. I only wish I had a dollar for every sewing disaster I've had in my life!!!