Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Big Girl

Rose started preschool yesterday.

She was so excited. We'd visited many times (the preschool is in the same building as our church offices) and she never wanted to leave after we peeked in. Finally, she was there to stay for the whole morning!

When we went in, her teacher asked if she'd like to paint. Boy howdy, you'd have thought she offered her a million chocolate chip cookies.

My last words to Rose as I left: "'Bye, baby. I love you."

Her last words to me? "'Bye, mommy. Have fun." No tears, no hesitation, no glance back, nothing. She was too busy painting.

When Andy and I went to take her home at noon, she didn't want to leave. After we had lunch, she was ready to go back. We had to tell her she had to wait until the next morning. I think she had a good time.


Jo said...

Oh my, what a clever girl you have, it's funny because I usually think she looks like the perfect combo of both you and Andy, as in the first photo, but the angle in the second makes her look just like a little mini you, Neo will start Primary School Sept 25th, just mornings till Christmas, then from 9-3 in January!

Anonymous said...

Luke had his first day of preschool for this year today. He couldn't understand why he had to have time off during summer.

No tears, no fuss, and he couldn't wait to go! School starts at 9, he was ready at 7:30.