Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poor baby, more green

Poor baby James is sick with a little fever. Besides being incredibly crabby, he has no other symptoms, so the doctor said to ride it out with some Baby Tylenol. He's sleeping now, I hope the rest helps.

So I've started yet another green project. These are the Super-Easy Leg Warmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. My sister asked for legwarmers, and I love to knit for my family. They are super easy, super cushy, super soft, and I can't wait to knit a pair for myself.

This pattern book is great. The photography is gorgeous and the patterns are lovely. It's arranged in chapters entitled "Less than two hours," "Two to four hours," etc. The legwarmers are in the "Two to four hours" chapter, but I already know it's going to take longer than that, I think maybe because I'm using magic loop instead of a 12" circular. Or maybe I'm just slow! :P I'm averaging 4" of length per hour, so two legwarmers at 26" each will be about 13 hours of work. I don't even care, though, because these are so luscious!

They're knit holding a strand of Cascade 220 and a strand of Rowan KidSilk Haze together. Purrrrr. Smooshy gooshy goodness.


Katherine said...

So purdy. I've always wanted to make that pattern and, you know, I JUST bought the book. Sheesh. Have you seen the legwarmies for kids - so cute.

Aubrey said...

WOW! I do not know how to knit and am always very impressed with people's ability to do it!

magikjaz said...

those look so warm and cozy!!!! love it!!!!