Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Knitting has been going slowly lately. Part of it is the warming weather, I think, and part of it is that other things have been taking a lot of my time and energy lately. I thought I had gotten rid of that cold, but it came back with part II last week -- lots of dry coughing and little good sleep. At the same time, I had to spend a lot of time at church providing the music for a week-long retreat. Now I'm trying to get my house back in order, but wanting to be outside playing with Rose in the sunshine seems to be taking more priority. And I haven't checked my e-mail for a week.

I did start Green Gable, and now that I'm about halfway down the yoke, it seems that I'm actually getting gauge. Sigh. I was counting on the loss of two inches in the body measurement through that extra quarter stitch per inch, now it looks like I'm going to really be knitting the large size. I'll wait until I get to the underarms and see how it looks on me before I decide to continue or frog it.

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