Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, I guess if I'm going to post once a week, it might as well be on the weekend. Seriously, I don't want it to be only once a week, but it's just amazing how the time flies. On Monday, Rachel and I took our respective children to Greenfield Village, which is probably our favorite place to meet up this time of year.

We got to see a sheep being shorn, one of the merino sheep that live on the farm at the village. And folks? Notice that the man was using shears. I love the historical demonstrations at Greenfield Village, but this was a first for both Rachel and me. We've never been lucky enough to be present for a shearing, as they only do it once a year.

Elsewhere in the village, there was a spinning demonstration, but you mothers out there recognize the low melting point of two toddlers and an infant. Rachel and I didn't want to push our luck. So I took the girls on the carousel!

No one got sick; we all had a great time saying "Yippee!" and waving to all the stationary people on the ground, including Lena's mommy and baby brother.

In case you wanted an update on my eBay situation (I know you've all been dying to know), the e-mail was indeed from eBay. I was pretty sure it was authentic, because it used my full first and last name, and it had no links within the e-mail, but directions for contacting help through the website. Anyhow, no damage has been done and I'm free to buy on eBay again, but I sure did change all of my passwords.

Knitting is still slow, although I'm about to attempt the heel on this toe-up sock. I guess I'd better apologize for my earlier crabbiness about toe-ups ("My cuff-down socks always fit fine if I get gauge; who needs to try them on? I hate picking up the wraps on this short-row toe, crab, crab, crab...") because, friends? Even though I don't need to, I just love putting this half of a sock on my foot and admiring it! And it's not even for me!
I'm not a total convert. I know I'll still be knitting my share of cuff-down socks. But I don't resent toe-up socks anymore, and I'll be knitting those, too. Hopefully, I can learn to clean up those sloppy wraps!


Jo said...

Wow, well you know me and fleece, I'd love to see sheep sheared, looks like a fun day! Good luck with your heel, I have just finished both the wrapped short row heels on my socks, did you double wrap the toe?, I followed Wendy's instruction for the heel. but not the toe, I actually did slant increases on my toe not wraps, I had to look up in a book to get my increases to lean the right way, but now its plain sailing to the top!!

Kim said...

Yes, I did the double wraps. When I finally realized it was easier to slip the wraps up to the needle and knit them instead of trying to just pick them up, everything seemed to go a lot smoother. I don't understand how you used slant increases. Did you do a regular cast on in the round?

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Kim. Thanks also for turning Dr. Seuss' words into a good quote on commenters of crafts!