Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I decided I needed to post today, the last day of the year. I've put off posting because I have no pictures to share. I have no pictures because we left our camera at Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Day and I haven't made it back there to pick it up. I'll probably go tomorrow to pick it up, but in the meantime:

We almost finished the secret gift. It was a green granny square afghan for my parents-in-law that Andy and I both worked on, making the squares and seaming them together. I got one round of border done before we went over there for Christmas celebrations on Saturday, and we gave it to them like that, promising it would be finished soon.

This was the first Christmas Rose really understood about presents and she was quite excited that the one gift she had been hoping for was under the tree. "I got my Christmas Wish!" she said. Jamie didn't care about presents, much, but stared and stared at the lights and the shiny paper.

I've been cleaning the house one baby step at a time all week, and it should be ready for Rose's birthday on Saturday. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be four. She won't be a baby anymore, for real. At least at 3 I could pretend she's still a little one. Four means she'll be a girl. Sigh.

I hope everyone has a fantastic night doing whatever you like -- staying in or going out. Please be safe, and please have a wonderful New Year!

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Jo said...

Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday to Rose for Saturday, I keep waking up in a panic about Neo's birthday party, thinking I've forgotten something!