Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Past

Since my camera is still at my parents' house, please let me share some images from Christmases past with you.

This is me holding my baby sister Shannon, Christmas 1975. She's very happy with me.

The late great Dermot, enjoying the season. "Where's my dinner?"

Our sweet Rose, almost one year old in this picture. Note the crocheted popcorn in the foreground. We bought it at a craft show one year. I have to learn to do that.

Herself just a year later. Crazy how they grow.

Couldn't leave out our other cat, Nuala, who is most certainly still with us.She lends a great deal to the scene, don't you think?

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a peaceful start! More up-to-date pictures soon, I promise.

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