Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitting Olympic Update: Closing Ceremony

Rose's cardi at the Closing Ceremony
This is how far I was last night when I decided to take a break for the sake of my right hand. The entire body and eight rows of the hood. I'm pretty proud that I made it that far by last night, I have to say, considering I had to completely start over a week ago.

I'm so geeked by how this project is turning out. I've had to do some major mathematical thinking on this one, and it's been quite a challenge, but it all seems to be working out. And it's really getting me excited to start an Arwen for myself.

So, no Knitting Olympic medal, but I'm still happy with my hard work. Next post: finished sweater!

1 comment:

magikjaz said...

there's always 2 years from now ;)

i think you did an amazing job regardless and can't wait to see the finished project!!