Monday, March 8, 2010

Knitting Olympics: Results

A Cardigan for Rose
Arwen-inspired kid's cardi 1
Arwen-inspired kid's cardi 5
Arwen-inspired kid's cardi 2
Arwen-inspired kid's cardi 4
I started this during the opening ceremonies on February 12, then ended up unraveling a week's worth of work and starting over again on February 20. I'm really glad I just bit the bullet and re-started it in the smaller size on larger needles, not only because I then had just enough yarn to finish it, but also because the resulting fabric was much more wearable, with a much better feel and drape.

I finished the knitting and grafted the hood and underarms and wove in all the ends on March 3. I had to go out and buy a single wooden toggle and knit an i-cord loop to fasten the cardigan at the neck and I finally did that on Saturday the 6th.

So yeah, if I had started out at the beginning of the Olympics with the needles and size I ended up with, I would have certainly had this thing done by the closing and had my medal. Lesson learned: swatching is good.

Now I really can't wait to start one for myself!


Jo said...

Swatching is good, Sunday I had my sweater on 3mm needles, I hadn't realised the Kauni I was swatching with and the Jamieson and Smith were so different, I had to go down a needle size, managed to knit back up to where I was when I realised I didn't like the fabric I was making. I will count up how many swatches it takes to design a sweater....too many!

Rose looks fabulous in her sweater, it's gorgeous!

magikjaz said...

OMG i love it!!!!

I don't swatch myself, but then again i don't do clothing yet, just scarves and blankets and such. I will swatch once I get to sweaters tho (even tho they scare the jebus out of me)