Friday, March 9, 2007

The bright side...

... of knitting two baby blankets at once is that once you return to projects with less than 200 stitches per row, they just fly off the needles!

I knitted up one whole hank of yarn into the Cozy project in the past three days. This is compared to the span from August to December, when it took (let's see, divide 5 months by 3 hanks) an average of 40 days to knit each hank. I swear I'm really not that slow a knitter, just distractable!

Peg, it took me a long time to get into Cozy. I actually started it at least a year ago, but I was using a very soft alpaca yarn. It was impossible to see any stitch definition or the stitch pattern itself, and I kept making mistakes because of it. In fact, I frogged it back to the beginning three times before giving up on marrying that yarn to that pattern. Now that I'm using a sturdier yarn (the recommended yarn, hmm...), it's going like clockwork. I still have the alpaca, and am looking forward to using it in a simple stockinette project where I can just admire its buttery softness.
I'll post Cozy pics soon, I promise!



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Peg said...

I'll watch for Cozy! I know what you mean about longggggggg projects - you can hardly wait to get them off the needles. Knit a baby sweater after a man's XL sweater and that will fly too!