Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Please, no one else get pregnant...

No, I'm not really serious about that. But two baby blankets at once are too many. Next time, maybe a cute little sweater or hat and booties set.

However, I'm done, and I love how it turned out. Don't worry, Rachel, I'm not going to show you now. But I can't wait to give it to you! Anyone else who wants to see, click here.

I believe I'll spend a little time with Cozy after Rose is in bed tonight, and work on my Nana's second sock. There are so many new projects I want to hurry and cast on for that I feel I'd better wait and let my ideas percolate. Besides, there's nothing wrong with finishing what I've already started! :D




Peg said...

That is a perfect baby blanket. I can see it being used by a little one forever. I love simple patterns - guess that is why I love both Elizabeth Zimmerman and Sally Melville!
I tried Cozy and got nowhere, so will be anxious to see your Cozy completed!!

Jo said...

It's a gorgeous blanket, I've never seen or even heard of a sweater stone before, what an interesting idea...I usually just puck the bits off!

Peg said...

Me, again. I loved knitting Green Gables, and once I got past the 'lacey' bit which I had to watch carefully - in fact, frogged it once, it was so nice to just knit round and round! Sometimes I just want the rhythm of the needles to calm my soul!