Thursday, March 29, 2007

Three yarn shops and a pedicure

My lovely husband, Andrew, gave me a day off this week. I, of course, took that opportunity to visit yarn shops!

But first, this diversion:

The ballband dishrag made popular again lately by the gals at Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I had picked up two balls of Sugar n'Cream Cotton on our last trip to the local dime store.

They made for great "mindless" knitting for the evenings for a couple of nights.
Don't the colors look great in our kitchen?

Okay, back to my day trip. I wanted to check out two stores in Ann Arbor that I've never been to. First I hit Flying Sheep, where I placed an order for enough Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Robin's Egg Blue for a Green Gable for myself.

Then I drove through campus (luckily I wasn't in a hurry) on my way to Knit A Round, where I bought some sock yarn and three books by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Last, I drove into Detroit to hit City Knits, the LYS that is closest to me and the one I usually shop at. I bought three lovely tribbles of Kid Seta for Kiri, as well as a new knitting tote, which I am totally loving because not only is it cute, but it has pockets and dividers so that I can put some of my personal items in (lipgloss, wallet, etc.) as well as an emergency diaper and a packet of wipes for Rose, and still have an entire large section just for a project or two. I didn't get a picture of that, yet.

Then, as a lovely cherry on a lovely ice cream sundae, I stopped and got a pedicure on the way home. I loved every second of the day, and love Andrew so much for giving it to me.

Next time: a cute sweater for Rose!



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Jo said...

Hi Kim, what a lovely day you had, nice to see you back, I was worried about you, could you send me your e-mail addy, I have it on cards somewhere but can't put my hands on it after turning my knitting cupboard upside down.
limegreenjelly at yahoo dot co dot uk...or info at limegreenjelly dot com