Friday, June 1, 2007

Going for a new look

I'm going to be trying out a few new things here at the Fiber Cafe. Last night I experimented with a new header (that's my Mason-Dixon neverending log cabin baby blanket up there) and soon I'm going to adjust other pieces of the blog. So if the place seems a little different soon, don't worry, it's still me; I'm just playing around with the look.Here's a photo of Nuala to make up for no knitting content. :)




Jo said...
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Jo said...

Nice header Kim, it looks great, Nuala is a beautiful cat, I see what you mean about her resemblence to Willow! And who needs knitting content anyway! I also think Fiber Cafe is a great name, for whatever reason, and to me a visit to your blog is like pulling up a chair and having a virtual coffee with a crafty friend.