Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new friend

On our last visit to Greenfield Village, we took my grandmother, and she felt Rose needed a little something from the gift shop. This is what Rose picked out (with no input from me!):

Her tag reads, "Wrinklee -- the merino sheep." See the zipper?

Here she is, all freshly shorn, with her fleece lying beside her. Rose decided it is a girl, and her name is not Wrinklee, but Lambie. Isn't that sweet?

So I'm raising my daughter to be a fiber-loving girl. Tee-hee. Yesterday she felt she needed to put on a pair of my (hand-knit) socks and my Cozy.

Hey, Rachel, see what she's playing with? That set was Andy's when he was little.

Lastly, this is the best photo I could find of the "mall hair" I mentioned a few posts ago. It is not me, so the face has been marked out to protect the innocent. ;)

Those bangs were an art!


Jo said...

Oh Wow, what 'mall' hair! No a fashion I can remember, such a shame, my hair would have been too short I expect...although my fringe has antural cow's lick that would have helped maintain the curl! How sweet is lambie, and little Rose looks such a picture in cozy!

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the kind words.
Rose's little lamb is just too cute. He will be 'shorn' more than once, I think. Some toys just never grow old and out of style!