Monday, April 9, 2007

A little blue sweater

Here is Rose, modeling her partial sweater. Sorry for the poor lighting; I was lucky enough to get her to stand still -- I didn't want to push my luck and remove her from the toys of the moment.

This is a bit less than two balls of the four that Peg sent me. I decided on a top-down construction so that I could knit the sleeves last and make them however long the yarn would let me. I'm going to put a lace detail around the hem and the collar, which will add some interest and perhaps let the yarn last longer. Also, a bit of lace will go with the lacey look of the raglan seams:

I'm not sure how this happened, really. I used a "knit in front and back of stitch" on either side of a stitch marker to increase from the neck down to the arms. I don't know if the holes are a result of the increases, or of making them right next to each other, or of the looseness caused by the marker, but I like how it turned out. Of course, before I use a top-down construction for a plainer sweater, I'll have to do some experimenting with alternate increases.

Then there's the hem lace... I had envisioned a row of little leaves, but all the lace motifs I've found so far are vertically, not horizontally oriented. I've got another 15 - 20 rounds of stockinette to find more options, though.

I've got to ask Andrew to take some pictures of me wearing Cozy. My "camera in the mirror" technique is less than effective, although comical.



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Monica said...

Baby Rose is delicious! She has got to be much bigger than our Lukie. He's still hovering around 27 lbs., but it's all muscle. Not an ounce of pudge. He's always turning somersaults and running around with all the big boys from the neighborhood.