Monday, February 19, 2007

Home stretch for the Log Cabin

It's almost done! I cast off the last stitch of the last strip this morning, and started a half-double crochet border in purple.

It measures 35 x 34 inches right now (almost a square meter). The border is only about half an inch wide, so it's not going to add too much to the final measurements, but I think this is a fine size for a baby blanket. The baby girl to whom this is going has dropped, so her mother is very eager for her to arrive. The rest of her family is, too! We can't wait to meet her.
I found that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will be in Ann Arbor again (Scroll down to August 4 --I'm the one holding the travelling sock and a photo of Rose). She was fabulously funny. Going to hear her talk is what kicked my butt back into gear to start knitting again. I had been dealing with tendinitis, and though it had been treated with a cortizone shot months before and not bothering me anymore, I was still nervous about picking up the needles. That visit is also what inspired me to get blogging.
Sadly, I cannot go this time to see our dear Yarn Harlot, because she is speaking at 2pm on Palm Sunday. Last August, I left right from church, was an hour and a half early, and still ended up in the overflow room (had fun anyway). Palm Sunday services tend to be quite a bit longer than regular Masses, so if I even try to go this year, I would definitely be in the overflow room again. Plus worn out from two extra-long Masses that morning. I wonder if the choir would notice if I got a sub? Just kidding.


Jo said...

That blanket is a beauty!

Strumpstickan said...

WoW! I'm impressed!