Friday, February 9, 2007

Two little girls

Dear Rachel,

I have been ever so into the knitting lately -- at the pace I'm going, I'll be done with both blankies by the end of February. That's not just wishful thinking. That's me saying, okay, I'm finishing a strip on the log cabin every other day, and there are five strips left, plus a border, so if I keep it up, I'll be done around the 20th. And for the other, I'm going through a ball of the Cashmerino every three days, and I've got five balls left, so that's a little more than two weeks. It'll be done around the 26th, and you're not due until the end of March, so I totally feel like I'm ahead of the game.

Yes, I'm boasting in a public venue. I'm doing it on purpose. It'll keep me on track. And I have been doing a great job at keeping up this pace. But it sure makes for awfully boring knitblogging. "Look! A colorful square! Look! A colorful square that's just 3 inches bigger around!" Not to mention that you don't even want to see the blanket that your baby is going to get, so I have to just say, "It looks like a brown basketweave rectangle! I can't wait 'til it's a brown basketweave square!"

So, in lieu of actual knitting content, I offer you this tableau:

Rose on the left, Lena on the right. Their first visit, I think, in February 2005. Seven or eight weeks old, the two of them.

Positions reversed, same couch. Five months later, July of 2005. Funny hats courtesy of my mom.

Lena and Rose at Greenfield Village, waiting for the train. A year later: August 2006.

And finally, when you two visited just this last month, January of 2007. Lena in the foreground, Rose in the back. It's been so fun to have our two little girls at the same time. I really am sorry I couldn't arrange to have a second with you, too. Tee hee.

Back to knitting,



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Jo said...

beautiful pictures of Lena and Rose together, and how lovely for you both to have them together like that. I'm creeping over to tag you again,yes again I'm sorry but I'm sure you havent done this 6 Weird things meme...and I'm sure you must have some weirdness tucked away!