Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes, 1/23

I've been awfully weepy this past week. Probably just a combination of hormones and the season, but still tough.

One of my comforts in this cold spell has been to wear my flannel nightgown with a pair of handknit socks and this wrap I knit. It's so Louisa May Alcott/Laura Ingalls Wilder that I want to bake bread or something. Oh wait, I did!

Today I will treat myself to a massage after I play the school Mass. It's something I like to do every other month or so. I'm so grateful I have the time and the extra money to do it.

What is it with cats and paper? Nuala has never been a lap-sitting kitty, but put a piece of paper down and that's where she wants to be. Even if it's on a lap.

Since I read The Green Beauty Guide and learned how the terrible stuff we put on our skin gets into our bodies and into our environment, I've been slowly replacing the old stuff I use up with greener options, and trying some of the easier "recipes" from the book. The first thing I replaced was the kids' shampoo and soap. Then I bought cleanser and moisturizer for myself from Aubrey Organics. Because I'm a cheapskate at heart, I really wanted to finish up my old cleanser and moisturizer. So I used the old stuff in the evening and the new stuff in the morning. Well, the difference in how the Aubrey products smell, and feel going on, and make my face feel throughout the day compared to how the other products do got clearer and clearer over the last couple of weeks, until last night I couldn't take it anymore and I just tossed the old product. The miserly part of me was groaning, but the rest of me is very glad.

James has graduated to Rose's old car seat. And as much of a pain as getting Jamie in a snowsuit and putting him in a regular car seat is, I'm so very happy that Rose has moved up to her booster. It's so much easier than buckling her into a harness, and she loves being a big girl who can use the car's seat belt.

Real Simple magazine's question of the month was "How do you alleviate stress?" and not one, but two of the readers' answers included knitting! There was even a lovely photograph of a basket of red yarn. Nice.

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Aubrey said...

Thanks for sharing your quick takes! I always appreciate the kind comments you leave on my blog! Thank you so much for returning!

I've been thinking about organic stuff too, often. It is tough to spend so much, isn't it? I must say, though, that something with the label Aubrey must be good? ;) I have some of their lotion and liked it.

We are snowblowing today (okay, my husband is snowblowing). It's hard to be cheerful when it's cloudy and cold and snowy. I understand! We were supposed to go out of town this weekend for a concert and with the snow we got yesterday and the snow that's forecast for the REST OF THE WEEKEND, we'll be staying home. Ick.

Cheers from another winter state! :)