Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finishing the hat

Some of you out there will get that title. I really did finish the blue hat last night, then forgot to get a pic of Rose in it before her nap. Tomorrow.

Also, (sings) guess what came today! I balled it up right away and am about to cast on. Sorry, can't tell you what it is yet.


Monica Beadles nee Carmody said...

For the love of Mike, do they really sell it in that state? And what in the blazes is that contraption to the right? Really? No really. You have to ball it yourself?

Nah, that's too much like work. I must be out of the whole loop with the knit world.


Kim said...

Moni, you're too funny. As far as I know, selling it wound up in hanks eliminates a manufacturing step for small independent dyers, letting them get yarn to customers faster.

Do any of you knitters know any other reasons? Jo, you spin, what do you think?