Thursday, January 15, 2009

One reason I love the internet

I just read Sarah's review of a parenting book by Dr. Ray Guarendi. The book is called You're a Better Parent Than You Think!: A Guide to Common-sense Parenting. The review was a good one, and very timely, as I'm starting to find myself reacting to some of Rose's behaviors with frustration and anger. She and I are a great deal alike, which I know adds to the frustration. I'm hoping that the book will give me some insights into how I can react appropriately to her, or better yet, be proactive in what I do and say to help her act better. Sarah points out that in the text of the book, Dr. Ray uses the term "good sense" rather than "common sense," which I like very much since it seems common sense isn't really all that common!

Anyway, back to why I love the internet. First, the whole concept of blogging as a means of "regular people" sharing information and opinions. Next, as soon as I had read her post, I went to The Library Network for my area, checked to see if it is available, and it is, at a couple of the libraries. I placed a hold on it, and I'll receive an e-mail in a day or two, as soon as it's been delivered to my local library. All within a matter of minutes! I love the internet.


Jo said...

I love the internet, although reports on how googling is killing the planet every time we log on, alarmed me this week, as I do try to be green and ethical, but I'd rather throw away my television, than do without my laptop! x

magikjaz said...

interesting - my friend fawN was feeling the same way with her daughter when she was the same age Rose is now - wish i would have known about this book then.

you have plenty of good sense (i agree btw - excellent phrase) so i'm sure you'll be awesome