Monday, October 16, 2006

Andrew Kilburn causes Tigers to win AL pennant

Dear Rachel,

I didn't have time over the weekend to post much more than that quickie on WCT's Guys & Dolls being in the Free Press. It was a huge surprise to me (usually just the local paper picks up on us). Sadly, they left out our first weekend.

I'll admit, that error is nothing compared to some of the stinkers our local tends to run. For example, when Andy and I were in the high school choir, an article about our upcoming concert stated that John Rutter would be there to play the flute and the clarinet (!). Another favorite ran just before we were to be married: a photo of Andy and one of his students, with a caption identifying them as "Andrew Kilburn and his son..."

Anyhow, back to Saturday night and the ballgame. When I got home from Mass, the Tigers were losing 0 - 3. We fed Rose her dinner, gave her a bath, and put her to bed, checking in on the game from time to time. By the time we were downstairs in front of the t.v. again, the game was tied at 3. We had planned on having a pizza after Rose was asleep, but neither of us could tear ourselves away from the game. It went on and on, and we were getting hungrier and hungrier, and finally, in the bottom of the ninth, I said to Andy, "You know, if you go upstairs and order that pizza, someone will hit a home run." He said, "Alright," and went up to the kitchen to make the phone call. That's when Ordonez came up to bat (sorry, I don't know how to make Blogger do a tilde). And Andy was just coming back down the stairs when Ordonez smacked it out of the park. He saw me jumping up and down, and missed the home run. Poor Andy! But as he said, "At least we didn't have to go into extra innings."

What do you think about that?



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Nee Carmody said...

Cast List
Al Asher - Harry The Horse
Norma Batson - Chorus/apple seller
Stephanie Brewer - Hot Box Dancer
Jeff Cantwell - Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Charles Fickeau - Benny Southstreet
Alex Garrison - Angie the Ox
Doug Golema - Rusty
Adrian Hayhurst - Hot Box Dancer
Kirk Hayhurst - Big Jule
Bryce Johnston - Gambler
Kimberly Kilburn - Sarah Brown
Amber Kittle - Hot Box Dancer
Angie Lieu - Agatha/Mission Gal
Mary Lusko - Chorus
Katie Mara - Chorus
Allan McMillan - Nathan Detroit
Gary Oberto - Sky Masterson
Robin Oberto - General
Al Ruffner - Lt. Brannigan
Lucy Ruffner - Chorus/mission gal
Rick Russell - Calvin-Mission
Michel Selburg - boxer/gambler
Kirsten Sparks - Hot Box Dancer
Heidi Waggoner - Adelaide