Thursday, October 12, 2006


Dear Rachel,

How about some random links today?

I love the third photo in this blog entry... it's her sock yarn stash. I'm drooling.

This clip was on Sesame Street this morning.

This color for your peanut's blanket? Or this?

I LOVE this colorway.

This is Ms. Knitingale's first post about the exchange I want to do. More details follow in later posts. By the way... you may be interested in her entry for yesterday (10/11), for reasons you will discover.

Let's see, what else?

I did what you suggested and put the live stitches of the body of the green ribbed sweater on some waste yarn so I could try the length. I decided to add another inch and a half. It probably would work at its current length, but I wanted a bit more insurance that I could reach up and not have the belly button show. It won't take much longer. And the second sleeve is already almost 5 inches long. Hooray!

I really hope I'm not to worn out to come see you Saturday. I want to do some show and tell, and get the lace pattern to you, now that you have the yarn, and see all your new loot! And we can go have yummy dinner and blab! I will let you know for sure soon.



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