Monday, October 23, 2006

To my exchange pal...

Dear exchange pal,

Here is my questionnaire from Florence Knitingale's exchange program!

What is your favorite color?
Blue, any shade of blue. I also like earthy, foresty greens and browns a great deal.

Is there a color you dislike?
Not particularly. I’m not crazy about yellow, but I don’t dislike it.

Do you have any pets? What kind?
Yes, two indoor cats: A gray tabby named Dermot and a tortie named Nuala.

Is there any knitting-related item you’re longing to have?
The only thing I can think of is one of those nifty holders you can put the needles of a sock-in-progress in.

Are you a sock knitter?
Oh, yes!

Do you have any online wish lists?
I don’t.

Do you collect anything that isn’t terribly expensive?
I don’t really have any collections… unless you count books, CDs, or yarn. I do enjoy traditional Irish music and choral music.

What would make you smile or giggle with delight to find it in your gift box?
Really, just receiving the gift box will make me giggle with delight.

Is there anything that would make you cringe if you found it in your gift box?
Novelty yarn.

Do you have a favorite edible treat?
I have a horrible sweet tooth. Chocolate is the best, in any form, but soft candies like jelly beans and gum drops are also yummy.

Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa, or….?
I love coffee and need it every day, just plain old coffee. Cocoa is a treat for me, and, unlike my coffee, I do enjoy it with different flavors, from cinnamon to mint to hazelnut.

Are there any dietary restrictions your pal should know about?
Nope, I like just about everything.

Do you celebrate a winter holiday of any kind and, if so, would you like to receive anything holiday themed?
I celebrate Christmas, but themed items are certainly not necessary.

This is going to be fun...


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