Thursday, January 11, 2007

The five stages of grief

1. Denial
What ruffle?

2. Anger
I'm getting a looser gauge on the Options than on the Addi Turbos? Son of a b*?@#!!
Do you know how long it takes to complete these longer strips? #!?@*!

3. Bargaining
Maybe if I take a break and knit Rose some socks it'll look better when I get back to it.

4. Depression
I just don't care anymore. Fine. My time and energy have been completely wasted. Who cares? I'm going to go eat a pound of chocolate.

5. Acceptance
Well, at least I have a ball-winder.




Jo said...

some kind of technical fault means I can't see any pictures yet, but I feel your pain, big hugs X

Kim said...

There, I think I fixed it.

Jo said...

Now I can see exactly what you mean, lovely colours though, and definately worth fixing!

Peg said...

Darn - if you were trying to get it to ruffle, it might not behave either! I love the bright colours. Is that a poster of Cuba you are standing in front of in your side bar?

Kim said...

LOL -- yes, it's a vintage-looking poster with the two words "Visit Cuba" in the restroom alcove of our local Red Robin restaurant. The reason I am gesturing at it in such a silly way is that we were there having a bite to eat right after I had finished portraying Sarah Brown in a local production of "Guys & Dolls." If you don't know the show, Sarah is an uptight "mission doll" from the 1950s who gets swept away on a date to Havana by a gambler. So we thought it was a funny thing to find such a poster just at that time.