Monday, January 29, 2007

Okay, for real now

Dear Rachel,

I was just kidding about that dog lion costume.

But as I get closer to finishing these baby blankets, I'm starting to daydream about other projects. For example:

My Nana wants a pair of socks. I have two skeins of Koigu set aside for her.

I have a gap between the cuff of my gloves and the cuff of my winter coat. I feel that wristwarmers of some sort may be the answer. I'm considering this (with a longer cuff) or this.

I have DK weight blue cotton yarn that I received from Peg that I really want to turn into a sweater for Rose. I'm thinking a raglan with short or three-quarter sleeves, but I can't find a pattern I really like. I'll probably end up using the Knitter's Handy Guide again. It really is very handy.

I'm also longing to knit lace again. This is my first choice: Kiri. Or maybe I should finish Cozy first. Hmm.

I also love this (Jo is working on one right now), and I haven't knit anything for Andy except for a scarf. What kind of wife am I? And it would go great with me wearing this, if I decided to knit it.

Then there's the shrug I was going to knit from the Misti Alpaca. And Samus. And all those socks.

*sigh* Basically, I just want to knit anything that isn't square.



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Jo said...

Durrow is a lovely pattern, really easy to knit, just looks tricky, and Jodi Green has a pattern on Knitty you might like that will complement it too,it's called Mariah, although that's not too say the other pattern you have found isn't nice. So many patterns and only one pair of hands!