Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Happy Halloween!


I'm having some trouble getting the picture links to work, but they are coming soon...

T-or-T'ing went very well - we covered 6 or 7 blocks with some of our neighbors and their little ones. We met some nice people, including a neighbor in full Scots regalia playing the bagpipes to attract trick-or-treaters! We had a nice impromtu concert right there on the street, and Lena was entranced.

Lena the Lion was a hit all around, though I chose to hurry past one house where the owners were trying to bring all the gore and fear of a horror movie to full-size life right in their front yard. you care that tiny children are forced to hear moans and screams and look at bloody, severed body parts, life-size figures wielding chain saws and human heads, etc? I know Halloween is about saluting the dark side, but geez! Put the gory stuff in the back yard where people can choose to see it if they want, not out front where toddlers are going by! Am I right people?

I heard Rose was a little Ladybug - pictures, please!


Kim said...

My dear Rachel --
Pictures shall follow shortly (I hope). Blogger is not letting me upload, either.
Love the bagpiper story! That's great!

Nee Carmody said...

Paul ran home screaming twice Tuesday night. It's not so good when he just runs away from his grown-up into the night. Poor guy hates scary stuff.