Saturday, November 18, 2006

Muff follow-up

Dear Rachel,

Just a quick pic of me getting ready to head out for our carolling gig, wearing the muff.

(I'm not sure what Rose is doing in this picture.) It kept my hands so nice and warm! I'm going to end up making three more for other members of our group. That's real holly clipped from the bush in our front yard. Pretty, huh?



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Peg said...

Kim - such a beautiful picture of you and your muff ready to go out and sing! Rose is like all little ones - loves to be in on the fun! We have lots of holly here too. I still have a muff that my Mom made for me over 60 years ago! It has fur on the front and little zipped pocket for my sunday school offering and a hanky! I am glad your muff was a hit, as it should be.