Thursday, November 9, 2006

Not dry yet

Dear Rachel,

The GRR is not dry yet. After I washed and pressed it in a towel, I took it upstairs to the guest room, where I keep my blocking board. I spread it out and checked it the next morning, and the next afternoon, and before bed. Wet, wet, and really damp. This morning I remembered (It's been so long since I've blocked anything) that I used to turn on the ceiling fan in that room to kind of move the process along. So I turned on the fan, then put the sweater on a drying rack to help it even more. It's much closer to dry tonight. I might even wear it tomorrow. But for now:

A close-up of the raglan decrease and I-cord neckline.

The neckline is so dimensional, I mean, it's got such a great shape. I'm so glad you talked me into it.

This season's Interweave Knits is pretty good. There were three projects that I really liked and can actually see myself knitting (and wearing) sooner or later: A Cardigan for Arwen, Nantucket Jacket -- that's the cover design -- and Tweed Beret. Go here, then scroll down. Notice that Arwen calls for Debble Bliss Cashmerino Aran... sigh, drool. I would make it longer, though, probably a couple of pattern repeats. I don't like this current trend of sweaters being shorter than the shirts underneath them. Although it's better than the shirts being too short to cover up one's middle.

Well, I've bought the last of the goodies for my exchange pal, some Sander's chocolates. A Detroit original! I'm going to see if I can find a box for all this stuff and get it posted tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!



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