Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thank you, Peg!

Dear Rachel,

I received a package today! Peg from British Colombia sent it, all full of some wonderful stuff -- so without further ado: the pictures!

There was mineral bath and milled soap with the scent "Tea & Oranges." It smells fantastic.

This box is labelled, "Hot chocolate."

Goodness. Speaking of smells, if I could digitize what this chocolate smells like and send it as a file, you'd drop dead. It's just wrong how crazy good this chocolate smells. I can't wait to taste it.

Here is a package of postcards with New Yorker cartoons that feature cats. Tee hee.
And Peg also sent a board book edition of The Velveteen Rabbit and a funny little dog for Rose. Here she is smiling and saying "Thank you!"

Okay, now apparently Blogger does not want me to upload any more pictures. I do have more, and they're all of yarn, which I know is what everyone (well, everyone who thinks like me) wants to see. This is what I'll do. I'll end this post, then start another one tonight after Rose is in bed. She's been a good girl this whole time, playing with cans and boxes out of the pantry, so I'm going to play with my baby. By tomorrow, there will be another entry with pictures of yarn.



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Peg said...

Hi Kim, I am so pleased that the parcel arrived safely and very quickly. You are welcome, Rose. I hope you enjoy the little goodies, as it was so much fun to choose them for you. Inside that ball of Jawoll should be a little spool of nylon to knit along with the yarn into the heel and areas of wear on the socks. I have knit a lot with that blue Merino and I love it! It was great that Ms. K. started this little swap. I wanted to comment on your blog before, Kim, but I thought you might guess who your secret pal was, so I just watched from the sidelines.