Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm just tired and bored with myself

(with apologies to Bruce Springsteen)

but I am. I haven't posted in forever, and basically, it's because I feel so boring. I feel like I'm not doing anything these days, which is strange because December is the month I'm usually the busiest. Rose has had a cold, a much worse one than usual (although no fever, thank goodness). She's just been miserable and we haven't left the house for two days. Maybe that's my problem -- I need some fresh air. You'd think this would leave me plenty of time for knitting, with no outings, but I just... I just don't feel like knitting.


But I found this earlier this morning, and thought you'd like it, too.



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Anonymous said...

we're not bored with you, Neo and I liked the little film, I'm challenging myself to blog everyday in December, so I'm probably going to get boring or bored with myself, and since I havent managed to blog for almost a week I don't know if I will manage it, but its worth a try for something different.