Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yarn from Peg (or, Thank you, Peg -- part II)

Dear Rachel,

Here's to hoping that Blogger feels like letting me upload some pictures... Okay, ready? Here we go:

Hooray! I'd better write fast before it decides it doesn't want me to show any more pictures. This is Lang Jawoll Superwash and a ball of softer-than-butter Grignasco Merino Gold, neither of which I've ever seen or felt in person. Yes, Peg, I'm definitely going to make Rose a pair of socks from the Jawoll. I've heard a lot about it and I'm really looking forward to knitting with it.

Here are four balls of Sari cotton yarn. This will become a spring and summer top for Rose. It is so soft and light, and the blue will really set off the blue of Rose's eyes. Beautiful!

And, finally, this gem:
This is handspun, handdyed laceweight yarn. It's a blend of mohair, wool, and nylon, locally produced near where Peg lives. This photo comes close, but doesn't quite capture the blend of rust and gold and midnight blue and rich violet that blend throughout the skein. It's very striking. I'm thinking a lace scarf or a shoulder shawl. I have to find a fitting pattern.

This exchange has been such a treat! I keep peeking at my sendee's blog, but I'm sure my parcel won't arrive there until the end of next week at the earliest. I'm having an awful lot of fun with this. Thanks, Ms. Knitingale, for starting it, and thank you, Peg, for such a lovely and thoughtful care package!




Peg said...

Kim - I commented on the other entry, but the yarn does look good, and it is not always easy to get the true colour! Judy McLean, who is the gal who owns and operates Sweatermaker yarns, is a true delight. She is a lovely giving person and I met her at my LYS the day I took Jo from Celtic Memory Yarns in to show her where I buy yarn. Jo is a magnet for celebrities, I think, but it was fun to meet Judy and even more so because Jo was here from Ireland.

Marianne said...

Gorgeous goodies, Peg really is such a sweetheart!
I had read when she posted the package and I'm amazed and pleased for you that it came so soon, or at least feels that way.
Happy Care/Comfort Package playing!